Barrio Viejo

Barrio Viejo is located near downtown Tucson and is known for it's colorful adobe houses! The streets are easily walkable and there are many elements that make for eye catching portraits!

Empire Ranch

This is a rustic, grassy, hill area located off of highway 83 toward Sonoita. There are beautiful rolling hills, old buildings, and barns that provide a beautiful and texturally interesting backdrop.

Saguaro National Park, East

Saguaro National Park East is located near vail/southeast Tucson. There is a $25 entrance fee. There are many trails and cacti abound!  There multiple locations within the park depending on the look you prefer! A favorite is a rocky location near the end of the drive thru portion of the park.

Sahuarita Lake Park

Sahuarita Lake park is a busier area with a beautiful bridge, lake, and lots of greenery!

Mt Lemmon

WINDY POINT-Located about 45 minutes from Tucson up Mt Lemmon, this gorgeous area has fantastic views and lots of interesting natural elements! BOX CAMP TRAILHEAD-Located a little farther up than Windy Point, this area is forested, with large logs and plenty of shade. Because of the distance, this location is an additional $100.

Broadway Trailhead

Near Saguaro National Park, East, this location is free and located off of Broadway Blvd. It is full sun with Cactus all around.

Alta Ranch

Located in Corona de Tucson. Dirt road and tall grass make this location great for any session! It is full sun and best light is during golden hour.

Your School

What's better than a place you're already familiar with? Schools have a variety of locations and elements that can make your pictures pop!

Agua Caliente

Agua Caliente Park is a beautiful oasis in the desert! There is a lake, grassy area, palm trees, and small buildings. It has a variety of backdrop options with all of these features! There is also plenty of shaded area so we have more flexibility on time for good light!